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Who is x15ventures?

We enable innovators to create tech businesses.

Our ventures benefit from access to the strategic assets of Australia’s leading bank.

Connectivity. Access to CommBank’s 15 million customers. CommBank has globally recognised digital platforms for its consumers and businesses that these new businesses can leverage to reach the right customers – in a safe, permissioned way.

Backing. Backing from one of the most recognised brands in Australia. This includes equity capital from seed through to scale, as well as payments capability and balance sheet funding.

Expertise. Expertise in building technology suitable for financial services regulation; trusted advice from our global partners; globally-recognised blockchain and AI specialist capabilities.

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If you would like to send through additional information, such as a pitch deck, financials, links to demos etc, you can send this information to us Before doing so, please read and agree to the following Submission Terms.

Submission Terms


Please read these terms carefully as they apply to your submission. It is your responsibility to ensure you do not share any information other than what is specifically required to enable CBA New Digital Businesses Pty Ltd (‘x15’) to assess your submission. Any collection, use, disclosure and retention of any personal information that you provide as part of your submission will be governed by our Privacy Notice.


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  1. You own or are otherwise expressly licensed to use the intellectual property subsisting in you submission;
  2. the content of your submission does not contain any commercially sensitive or confidential information or any other information or data that might affect your capacity to protect and/or exploit intellectual property rights in the future; and
  3. the content of your submission does not violate any third party’s proprietary or intellectual property rights, moral rights or other third party rights (including any obligations of confidentiality that you may owe to other third parties).


You acknowledge that x15 has access to many ideas, concepts, inventions, intellectual property (Material) which may be similar or identical to your submission and that x15 reserves all rights it has to use such independently developed Material. You hereby waive any and all claims that the you have or may have as a result of x15’s use of similar or identical Material that has been independently developed.


You indemnify and keep x15 and our employees indemnified against, and must pay us on demand against all claims, liabilities, expenses, costs (including legal costs) and damages that we may incur or suffer arising out of 1) your breach of these terms and 2) any content provided as part of your submission. To the extent permitted by law, x15 excludes all liability to you arising as a result of your submission.


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